The Connecticut Emergency Animal Response Service

Service (CEARS) is a reliable team specifically for rapid-response to help the emergency departments and owners with animal emergencies like, evacuations, household fires, or any types of disasters that may occur. When an alarm is raised, the Connecticut Emergency Animal Response team provides transport for animals that need veterinary care, technical rescue, and putting up temporary shelters for a large number of animals. CEARS is solely run through the zeal and honest commitment of volunteers from all backgrounds. They are joined together by love and allegiance to ensure animal safety in our society. No volunteer is paid to participate in this operation. Due to the lack of a good transport system for animals that encounter emergency circumstances such as the injured, trapped, and ill animals. Many of the emergency service teams try their very best to provide services for animals in need. The organizations that work with animals and pets like hospitals and veterinary clinics with the aim of taking care of any animal in need of medical care have expanded their services to both animal and human health.

What CEARS aims to solve
The lack of response team and transportation options for different animal owners dealing with emergencies lead to animal owners being forced to take care of them. If the animal owners had evacuated due to emergencies and disasters, they would one way or another look for alternatives to go back for their animals or pets, putting their lives at risk. Most volunteers of emergency services will try their best to care for animals in need of emergency services. Most animal organizations such as shelters, rescues, and veterinary hospitals must focus their energy on animals in their properties like clinics. They are therefore not able to offer or give help to those that are outside. This only leaves voids in the animal emergency services sector, thus allowing organizations to fill the gap to reach as many needy animals as possible.

Animal Emergency Medical Response
The Animal emergency medical response (Animal EMT) gives medical transport and response for pets and animals in need of the services either from a veterinary clinic or owner’s home. The transport services usually involve pets that need quality and advanced care during transportation such as, fluids, oxygen, and monitoring. EARS evolved to being the only establishment in Connecticut in 2015 to fully operate an equipped Care Animal Ambulance, which in this case can be used for medical transport and first-hand situations such as helping during building evacuations, house fires, and all other situations. The ultimate goal for Connecticut Emergency Animal response is to meet and achieve the constant need of providing special transportation for animals and pets faced by emergencies and can not get the help and care they need. In addition to the organization, training a volunteer service team makes it easy to operate two specialized and equipped vehicles to aid in the animal emergency response in monitoring special circumstances.

This is one of the exclusive animal ambulances and crucial care units in the state of Connecticut. This modified ambulance was entirely funded through donations and operated by all-volunteer teams.